what is a teamlead finance?

A teamlead in finance is anyone who takes on a position of leadership in finance. You manage a team of coworkers and work together to perform financial tasks. Not only do you work with maths, money and numbers, but you also carry out traditional team leadership duties.

As a teamlead in finance, you oversee a team of investment bankers who manage money for large hedge funds or manage a department of employees at a bank. You may also lead a group of accountants or bookkeepers in industries like manufacturing, mining or marketing.

Unlike other managerial positions, a teamlead finance job is a more hands-on role. Your work focuses less on the company's big-picture goals. Instead, you are keen on the details and small tasks that build up to the financial goals. You do things like delegating work to coworkers, scheduling tasks and resolving disputes. Unlike a typical manager, you usually don't do things like hire employees or decide on business strategies. You are the action taker who mentors staff to accomplish the assigned tasks.

You require exceptional leadership skills to motivate and inspire team members to achieve the set targets. Your teamwork and interpersonal skills help you build a good working relationship with your team.

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average teamlead finance salary

The typical remuneration package of teamlead finance workers is $117,780 per year. Your earnings in a junior teamlead finance position is $111,734 annually. With experience and educational qualifications, you take home a salary of $123,825 per year. Your remuneration package depends on the scope of your duties and your experience.

what factors affect the salary of teamlead finance?

As a finance team leader, you are in charge of a team of finance workers. In a junior-level role, you are in charge of a small team of finance workers due to your minimal expertise. Your salary is lower compared to a teamlead finance manager in charge of a larger team. The duties you handle also influence your remuneration package. When you have complex duties and responsibilities, your salary is higher.

Working in a large organisation boosts your earning prospects. When you work in a large organisation, you handle more financial responsibilities, and the company has unlimited resources to pay better remuneration. Small companies have limited resources and may not be able to afford higher salaries.

Your geographical location may also influence your earnings. When you work in metro areas, the high demand for teamlead finance professionals improves your salary prospects. Working in small cities reduces your salary prospects.

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types of teamlead finance

Finance team leaders are in charge of supervising financial activities in the company. You work in various capacities, such as controller or treasurer. As a controller, you oversee the finance or accounting team. You supervise a team of experts to ensure financial reports meet the accounting standards and regulations.

As a treasurer, you are the finance leader in charge of managing the organisation’s liquidity and cash. You oversee cash flow management and guide the team in preparing reports and managing debts or equity financing.

2 male sitting at a table and a female standing at the table with a coffee mug
2 male sitting at a table and a female standing at the table with a coffee mug

working as a teamlead finance

Working as a teamlead finance is a rewarding career, especially if you enjoy working with numbers. Let’s explore the specific duties, work schedules and career prospects in the role.


education and skills

You require at least a bachelor’s degree to work as a teamlead finance. Pursue a degree in business administration, finance or accounting to prepare yourself for the role. You will acquire technical knowledge in financial reporting or accounting. While a master’s degree is not mandatory, consider a master's in business administration to boost your career prospects.

When you work in a teamlead finance role, it is important to have professional certifications to improve your experience and qualifications. Consider gaining certification from the Certified Practising Accountants Australia or the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand

teamlead finance skills and competencies

The following skills and technical proficiencies help you succeed as a finance team leader:

  • leadership abilities: you should be comfortable delegating to others and speaking from a position of authority. Your leadership skills also help you inspire and motivate others.
  • technological skills: modern finance team leads perform their work from computers. Knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Quickbooks is important for your role.
  • technical skills: you need industry-specific knowledge, such as understanding loans, tax preparation or investing. Your financial reporting skills help you fact-check the work of your team.
  • organisational abilities: it is important to be highly organised to keep your team running smoothly. In addition to time management, skills like attention to detail and data entry are very useful.
  • critical thinking skills: your job requires you to be logical and flexible. Good finance team leads can easily solve problems and analyse tasks to find the most efficient way of addressing the situation.
  • mathematical skills: anyone in the finance industry needs to be good with numbers. Although you don't need knowledge of advanced calculus, you should know standard algebra at least.
  • communication skills: being able to explain concepts well is an essential skill for this job. Great finance team leads speak professionally to clients and create a great rapport with their team.

FAQs about working as a teamlead finance

Here, you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the profession of a teamlead finance worker.

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