what is a store manager?

A store manager is in charge of the daily operations of a store, from customer service management to oversight of various procedures. As a store manager, you oversee the store and ensure all the departments run correctly. For instance, you manage stocks and make sure the store has enough supplies.

You are involved in hiring and training new workers to ensure the store operations are continued due to a need for more employees. You handle customer complaints and the return of products. When problems arise, you resolve them to maintain the reputation of the retail outlet.

Since your primary responsibility is to boost sales and maximise the store's profitability, you approve and implement marketing strategies. Ensuring all products are displayed and promoted effectively to increase sales is crucial. You also develop promotional strategies to attract customers to the store.

As a store manager, you can work in various retail settings, such as supermarkets or convenience stores. The role requires excellent sales and customer service skills to encourage return customers. Store managers usually report to a general manager, who may be situated in a different location if the store has multiple centrally managed outlets.

store manager jobs

average salary of a store manager

The average remuneration of a store manager in Australia is $63,000 per year. As a store manager, your starting remuneration package is $55,000 annually, while the highest salaries exceed $70,000 annually. 

factors that affect your earnings as a store manager

Your remuneration varies depending on various factors. For instance, when you work for a well-established company, you are likely to earn a higher salary since they can afford a higher remuneration. A new independent business may need more funds to pay higher wages.

Your location also influences your earnings. For instance, metro areas usually pay more compared to smaller cities. The difference in remuneration is due to the higher cost of living in metro areas. Your academic background and work experience also determine your earnings. Companies are willing to pay more for the experience you bring to the role.

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store manager jobs

types of store managers

There are many store manager roles to explore, typically categorised by your workplace. Some types of store managers include:

• clothing store manager: as a clothing store manager, you plan the displays and deal with customers directly. You also run seasonal sale events to increase sales and maximise profits for the store.

• convenience store manager: as a convenience store manager, you run a store with convenience goods that people can quickly purchase on the go. You do merchandising and perform routine inventory tasks.

• pharmacy manager: the role involves selling various health and wellness products like first aid kits, prescription drugs and beauty products. You manage the daily store operations and work closely with pharmaceutical companies to ensure quality control of medicines and health products.

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Student, students, young people, youngsters, school, college, study, studying

working as a store manager

As a store manager, your job is to run the operations of a retail store. Check out the duties, responsibilities and work environments of a store manager.


education and skills

Some of the qualifications of a store manager include the following:

• retail services qualifications: to become a store manager, you require a Certificate III in retail. You can also pursue a Certificate IV in leadership and management or further your studies with a diploma in management or a degree.

• gain experience: you require extensive experience to become a store manager. Start with entry-level roles in retail, like becoming a sales assistant or a visual merchandiser, and work your way up to a store manager position. With adequate experience, you can seek further career opportunities, like becoming a brand manager.

skills and competencies

A store manager requires the following skills to excel in the role:

• administrative skills: as a store manager, your job involves keeping essential business records like bank statements and daily intake figures. You require organisational skills to manage payroll and create employee rosters.

• leadership skills: as a store manager, you oversee the store's operations. That includes managing store assistants, supervisors and customer service assistants. You use your leadership skills to delegate tasks and manage operations. With your leadership skills, you can motivate other employees to improve productivity. As a good leader, you positively influence your team to optimise their productivity.

• communication and interpersonal skills: as a store manager, you communicate with a range of employees and customers daily. You need excellent verbal communication skills to assist customers or provide instructions to employees. Your communication skills ensure your store maintains a good reputation and team members are productive.

• customer service: a store manager should provide the best customer service. You evaluate the best customer service strategies for your customers and train your staff to improve customer satisfaction. Good customer service increases customer retention and encourages people to return to the shop.

• computer skills: store operations are managed through computer software. You require computing skills to track your stock and orders. You also use online messaging platforms to deliver rosters.


FAQs about working as a store manager

Here, you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the profession of a store manager.

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