what is a pick packer?

As a pick packer, you prepare parcels for delivery. You pick them up from their designated location and ensure they are ready for shipping or dispatch. The pick aspect of the job title refers to removing items from shelves. You go around the warehouse picking out items required to fulfil a customer's order. A packer packs the items and prepares them for shipping. Packers ensure the items are ready for transportation while pickers check if the order is complete. Combining the two duties into one role improves efficiency in managing warehouse inventories and executing customer orders.

where does a pick packer work?

Pick packers work in warehouses and the distribution centres of various industries. The industry you work in determines the products you handle. For instance, in manufacturing, you work in warehouses that store raw materials or finished products after production. You will likely handle materials like plastics, metal, wood and ores recovered from mining. You also work in distribution centres for large retail stores or warehouses that deliver goods straight to the customer. In agriculture, you pick and pack harvested produce directly from a farm.

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average pick packer salary

The remuneration package of a pick packer usually varies according to education level, industry and employer. That's why some pick packers take home a lower salary despite working the same role. In Australia, the average salary of a pick packer is $53,000 annually. The lowest-paid pick packers take home $50,000 a year, while the highest-paid can negotiate a salary above $55,000. Some companies pay hourly rates due to the shift schedules.

how to boost your pick packer salary

As a pick packer, your earnings depend on your experience level. While you don't need educational qualifications, some certifications improve your competitiveness. Having prior experience in warehouse roles improves your salary prospects. Your work hours may also influence your remuneration package. When you work full-time, your take-home salary is higher than that of part-time workers. The hours or shifts you work also affect your earnings. Working unconventional hours like night shifts or early mornings attracts higher hourly rates than traditional business hours. Some industries also pay higher salaries due to the complexity of the role. For instance, working in chemical manufacturing plants exposes you to hazardous substances. Hence, the remuneration packages are usually higher.

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pick packer salary

types of pick packers


The types of pick packers depend on the industry and products they deal with. Some of the pick packer jobs you are likely to encounter include:

  • meat pick packers: you can work in farms and slaughterhouses, where your job is to divide slaughtered animals into cuts of meat and package them for transportation. You also prepare the by-products to ensure they get to manufacturing firms. Meat packers maintain high hygiene levels and store the products in sterile containers to avoid contamination in transit.
  • warehouse picker packer: working in a warehouse, you handle various finished products. Your job is to package the products to ensure they get to retailers, distributors and consumers in good condition. You pick and pack large quantities of items.
male scanning a package, standing behind a conveyor belt.
male scanning a package, standing behind a conveyor belt.

working as a pick packer

As a pick packer, you are an invaluable member of the logistics and delivery teams. However, picking and packing goods throughout the day involves a lot of standing and attention to detail to avoid losses. Let's explore the duties, responsibilities and work schedules of pick packers.


education and skills

Pick packer roles don't have entry requirements, but candidates should possess a school leaving certificate. Any technical qualification can improve your competitive advantage. Some vocational qualifications that enhance your skills include a Certificate II in supply chain operations. Most employers also provide on-the-job training on the picking and packing processes. When you complete the training, you shadow a supervisor to learn the ropes before completing orders without supervision.

skills and competencies

Some of the essential skills for pick packers include:

  • technical knowledge: warehouses often rely on machines to package products. You will find highly automated machinery for filling, bagging and labelling the packaged items. Having the technical knowledge and expertise to operate packing machines is essential.
  • teamworking skills: working as a pick packer involves coordinating with other warehouse workers to fulfil orders. You require interpersonal skills to work well with others and complete your tasks efficiently.
  • physical fitness: you should be physically fit to withstand the hours of standing and lifting involved in a pick packer role. Sometimes, you lift items weighing over 20 kilograms.
  • attention to details: as a pick packer, you pick items according to the order sheet and pack them. Attention to detail avoids mixing up products or their quantities and helps you during labelling.

FAQs about working as a pick packer

Here are the most asked questions about working as a pick packer:

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