what is a French teacher?

As a French teacher, you help your students develop an interest in the French culture and language. You work in educational settings that offer French lessons, including primary and secondary schools. You can also work at college and university levels. In primary and secondary school, your French lessons follow a set curriculum recommended by the Australian government. Since you teach French as a foreign language, you instruct students in English, help them build their French vocabulary, and teach students to read and write the language until they become fluent.

Like other teachers, you prepare lesson plans and learning materials to help you teach the language. If you plan any course activities, they should be within the curriculum and promote learning French. In the beginning, your students barely understand the language, but some students can easily pick up languages, so it’s important to differentiate activities in order to cater for students of various levels.

If you want to become a French teacher, focus on learning the language and becoming a fluent speaker. You don’t need to be a native speaker, but you should know the culture and get the relevant qualifications to work as a French teacher in Australia.

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average French teacher salary

The average remuneration package for a French teacher in Australia is $92,500 per year. Your earnings fluctuate based on experience and educational qualifications. When you are new to the role, you start with a salary of $84,500 per year. The remuneration increases with experience, with the highest-paid French teachers taking home over $102,500 per year.

what factors affect the salary of a French teacher?

As a French teacher, your earnings depend on the school you work for. For instance, when you work in a private school, you are likely to earn more compared to public schools. Private schools often have more resources and are willing to pay more for your expertise.

Teaching French in primary schools typically attracts a lower salary than teaching secondary schools. The advanced curriculum in secondary school requires additional experience and qualifications. For instance, you can teach primary schools without sitting for the DELF-DALF exams. However, passing the exams shows your language ability, which helps you when negotiating a higher salary.

The location also influences your earnings as a French teacher. When you work in large metro areas, the demand for French teachers increases the remuneration. In smaller cities with a low demand for the role, you earn a lower salary.

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types of French teachers

As a French teacher, you specialise in teaching students of different ages. If you are a primary school French teacher, you teach French to students in primary school and follow the recommended curriculum. You work with children from pre-school to primary school ages to help them learn French. At this stage, your students don't understand French, and you will likely provide instructions in English to help them learn basic vocabulary.

Most students who take French in primary school are likely to continue learning French in secondary school. While they may read and speak French, they are not yet fluent in the language. Your job is to help them improve their comprehension and writing skills to fluency level.

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working as a French teacher

Working as a French teacher involves teaching the French language and culture. Here are some of the duties, responsibilities, and work environments of the role.


education and skills

Before you become a French teacher, you should be fluent in French. Assess your French ability since it will determine your path to becoming a teacher. If you are already fluent in French, the focus is on gaining teaching qualifications. However, if you have minimal knowledge of French, pursue a degree course in French to learn the language. Get a bachelor of education with a French major to gain a teaching qualification recognised by the Australian government.

Gain experience through work placement and register with the relevant government body for teachers in your state, like the Victorian Institute of Teaching. You can also join the Association of French Teachers of Victoria for professional development. Since you work in schools, you require a Police Check and a Working with Children Check.

French teacher skills and competencies

Some of the skills of a French teacher include:

  • communication: as a French teacher, you should be fluent in English and French. Your fluency in English helps you teach beginners. You introduce French vocabulary and explain concepts in English. When your students have built their French, you use French to communicate and help them practise the language.
  • patience: as a French teacher, you work with students who are learning the language for the first time. Having patience and understanding builds a positive attitude toward the language. Some students may have difficulties pronouncing French words, and you will repeat some lessons a couple of times.
  • leadership skills: as a French teacher, you guide students through the curriculum and prepare them for exams. Your ability to guide and motivate students is useful for maintaining order in classrooms and leading outdoor activities.
  • creativity: as a French teacher, it is important to be creative and find fun ways to incorporate French into various activities. Students are likely to learn and understand some aspects better through games and outdoor activities.

FAQs about working as a French teacher

Here, you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the profession of a French teacher.

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