what is a change manager finance?

As a change manager in finance, you help businesses reorganise and find new ways to achieve their goals. Every business needs to adapt to survive. Sometimes, businesses make changes to jump ahead of trends. Other times, they roll out changes in slow increments or make plans to address emergencies, such as a recession. The change manager in finance develops a plan and works with colleagues to create a seamless transition.

You follow change management steps, which include creating a plan, evaluating potential results and communicating with employees. You also develop a training program and monitor the progress of the transition. As the change manager in finance, you create training programs that meet employees at their skill level. Alongside in-person courses and online modules, you offer personalised assistance so that colleagues know what to expect every step of the way. Monitoring the schedule and budget ensures that the project stays on track.

If you hit a roadblock, you quickly find a solution with your problem-solving skills. Sometimes, you make last-minute adjustments or adapt to a new situation. Your colleagues count on your level-headed leadership to continue their progress and move to the next phase.

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average change manager finance salary

As a change manager in finance, you earn an average of $159,244 per year. In a junior position, you start with a remuneration package of $127,500 annually. As you improve your experience, your remuneration package increases gradually. Senior change manager finance roles attract a salary of $185,500 per year.

what factors affect the salary of a change manager in finance?

Location is a significant factor affecting your salary as a change manager in finance. Different geographic regions have varying demands, market conditions and costs of living. Some metro areas concentrate on specific industries, like finance or technology, while others focus on industries such as mining or manufacturing.

When you work in industries or locations with higher budgets and greater demand for change initiatives, you are likely to earn more. A region with growing economic health also provides competitive salaries due to the constant changes in the companies. Highly regulated industries like finance, manufacturing, mining and engineering also attract higher salaries due to complex regulatory compliance. You have complex financial duties, which improve your remuneration prospects.

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types of change managers finance

Change managers in finance specialise in different areas. Events that require a change manager could involve taxes, payroll, bookkeeping, data entry, cash flow, financial reporting, forecasting or risk mitigation. Possible updates include new technology, department restructuring or tax filing adjustments.

For example, a company could introduce new financial software that takes employees out of their comfort zone. With your accounting and technology knowledge, you make a specific plan and guide employees through training. They quickly resume their work, and the new technology improves their efficiency.

two women having conversation in the office
two women having conversation in the office

working as a change manager finance

As a change manager in finance, you lead your company into the future. Learn more about your responsibilities, expectations and work environments.


education and skills

If you want to become a change manager in finance, pursue a bachelor’s degree in business administration, economics or HR. You can also get a degree in finance or accounting to familiarise yourself with the finance industry. Since you assist with transition, some companies may require in-depth knowledge of change management. Find online courses to learn the necessary skills. You should also consider professional certifications, such as Project Management Professional, and register with the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM).


FAQs about working as a change manager finance

Here, you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the profession of a change manager in finance.

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