Finance and accounting have always offered a number of rewarding career paths in areas such as banking, underwriting and corporate finance. In 2022, the industry is being rapidly transformed by digitisation. The shift is opening up more positions in technology-related roles. More people are also needed to protect against systems failure, cyberattacks and data breaches as more operations move online and new and unfamiliar technology come on stream. 

But it’s not just digital skills that are in increasing demand in 2022. Financial services organisations want to rebuild trust and strengthen customer engagement. While more business is moving online, this actually increases the demand for people with innately human capabilities such as empathy and creativity, which can’t be replicated by machines.

When talking to employers about their talent demands, we’re therefore seeing a growing focus on people with emotional intelligence, as well as the ability to work in an agile and collaborative environment. As a potential applicant, your skills should also be transferable – show that you have the ability to work on a range of cross-functional projects.

Of course, some things never change and core qualities such as strong communication and presentation skills, a customer service focus, analytical and problem-solving skills, as well as project management experience will always be viewed favourably.


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