Construction is the third-largest employer in Australia, accounting for around one in ten jobs. It’s also one of the fastest-growing sectors in terms of employment demand, with many more vacancies than qualified candidates. According to Master Builders Australia, some 300,000 new and skilled workers will be needed over the next five years. This makes construction not only a good sector to be in if you’re qualified, but also a good one to get into through apprenticeships, graduate training and other entry routes. 

The openings on offer include a range of professional roles in areas such as contract administration, site management and construction project management. The latter is notable in being consistently one of the most in-demand roles within the economy as a whole, with pay to match.

The construction industry has seen growth over the past year, from 2021- 2022 there has been a 3.5% increase in employed people across this sector. Several initiatives have contributed to this increase including the Government’s investment in rail and road infrastructure, as well as various home building initiatives. A cut in approval times for infrastructure projects will see the sector prosper.

Construction is Australia’s most male-dominated industry - But this is changing. 2022 trends in participation rates remained at 71.2% for men and remained at 62.3% for women with this likely to increase for 2023.

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