Talent mobility provider Randstad RiseSmart announces the launch of RiseSmart Skilling™ in Australia, a unique approach to skill-building that provides employees with a strategic roadmap to identify and close their skills gaps and enables businesses to develop more agile workforces. RiseSmart's tech and touch skilling suite is built on the premise that access to courses alone is often insufficient for helping individuals discover and develop in-demand skills that are aligned with the needs of their company or the broader job market.

RiseSmart Skilling addresses this shortcoming with four key solution components, all of which are coordinated through RiseSmart's talent mobility platform and mobile app:

occupation explorer

  • An interactive tool for career exploration and planning that informs workers on market projections for jobs, salary ranges, and skills that will increase chances of landing desired roles and related occupations based on skills and education

learning hub

  • A federated search for courses with immediate access to thousands of premium courses from LinkedIn Learning, Udemy and other top learning providers, in multiple languages

career concierge

  • A dedicated course specialist who curates best-fit courses and experiential learning opportunities, such as internships, to support the individual's reskilling and career goals

certified learning advisor

  • A highly-trained learning and development expert who develops customised learning plans and offers guidance to help participants stay on track
Man looking serious, sitting at a kitchen table with tablet.
Man looking serious, sitting at a kitchen table with tablet.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, which has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, has made it clear to employers and HR professionals that reskilling and upskilling employees is necessary to ensure a company's long-term competitiveness. According to the World Economic Forum*, one billion jobs – roughly one-third of all jobs worldwide – are expected to be transformed, and 133 million new jobs will be created to meet future demand. However, many human capital leaders are struggling with how to implement and enforce a skilling strategy.

A Randstad Sourceright survey** of human capital leaders found that while 91 per cent of companies felt they should be providing reskilling opportunities to employees, only 22 per cent are doing so and 30 per cent say they don't know how to do so

A recent RiseSmart study found that since the onset of COVID-19, only 4.5 per cent of employers said current outplacement programs include reskilling courses.

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With COVID-19 we are seeing a unique increase and decrease in labour demand occurring at the same time. This has undeniably changed the employment landscape in Australia, requiring all of us to reimagine the future. Even though the impact here may be less severe than these global figures suggest, businesses will need to fast track their ability to upskill and re-skill workers in order to stay viable.

RiseSmart Skilling provides organisations with a platform that offers employees a one-stop-shop to access critical decision-making data, select the right courses from thousands of top online learning courses, and work directly with both a Career Concierge and a Certified Learning Advisor to develop a unique learning plan tailored to their goals and skills gaps.

Alison Hernandez
Randstad RiseSmart Managing Director Australia New Zealand SEA

Employees use tools like Occupation Explorer to view data about their current roles and adjacent career options, including employer demand, projected growth and required skills. This information guides discussions about career exploration and skills gaps between a participant and their coach and informs assessments the participant completes. 

Once employees identify their skills gaps they move to the Learning Hub, allowing them to select from more than 20,000 free and premium business-and technology-related online courses in seven languages from the top learning providers – the largest, centrally-searchable course catalogue in our industry. 

a risesmart career concierge will handpick the best-fit courses for each employee, carefully taking into account an individual's learning style and goals, their target career and available time investment.

For employees who need more specialised guidance, Certified Learning Advisors (CLA) work with an individual on an ongoing basis. RiseSmart CLAs offer years of experience in adult learning, learning pathways and career planning to help each individual craft a learning plan tailored to their unique goals and career aspirations – all informed by labour market conditions.

"Reskilling is such an important component of the future of work, but many employees are struggling to pinpoint the skills they need to remain competitive in today's labour market," continues Hernandez.

"RiseSmart Skilling simplifies this by layering innovative tech tools alongside 1:1 guidance from a certified career coach to deliver comprehensive, personalised learning programs that enable employees to narrow their skills gap and secure a new role with a bright future."

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