The recent Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) survey, has revealed that the Aussie spend an average of 4.5 hours a week travelling to and from work. That’s a rise of 23 per cent in just under two decades! 

The new findings are a stark reminder of the struggles that Aussies face on a daily basis, with commuting times impacting their job satisfaction and general well-being.  It’s clear that the stress-busting tonic needed to relieve the horrors of the modern commute is flexible work arrangements. 

With many of us now travelling over 40 minutes to work, suffering through the morning commute has got many considering if its all worth it.

Our time is precious. So when we look at all the demands on us, pets, family, sporting commitments or lifelong learning, we can see why people want to shorten the time spent travelling.  But, it’s not just impacting our people, but also an employer’s ability to attract and retain top talent. 

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In Randstad’s 2019 Employer Brand Research, which revealed what Australians find most attractive in employers, the number one attribute desired by Aussies was a positive work-life balance (54%).

Moreover, in the report, Gen Z claimed poor work-life balance was their top reason for leaving a job, meanwhile, a further 34% of people said they wanted flexible working arrangements.

This might mean staff coming in early and leaving early to beat the rush or setting up working from home days. Research has consistently proven that flexible work arrangements improve employee happiness and productivity. 

When people have a choice in how they do their work and the flexibility to take care of their life responsibilities, they respond with a deeper engagement in their work and with their employer. 

With Australians viewing good work-life balance opportunities as the most attractive attribute in an employer, business leaders need to take note.

To retain and attract the best they must deliver the trifecta of work-life balance, long-term job security and a competitive salary. 

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