video job ads.

Designed to make branded video job ads using a smartphone, enabling users to record, edit and share a video job ad to social media and job boards in minutes. 

  • iOS and Android-powered app 
  • fill jobs faster and create stronger shortlists 
  • video boosted to passive candidates using targeted algorithms across Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

virtual recruitment events.

Our virtual chat software and career fair platform is a better way to engage and communicate with candidates. 


  • speed up time to hire by up to 70%.
  • get more out of sourcing budgets by moving quality candidates through the recruitment funnel faster.
  • build and maintain talent pipelines.
  • connect to candidates from any device.

virtual interviewing solutions.

Virtual interviews allow candidates to complete interviews in their own time empowering them to put their best foot forward, while also increasing recruiter efficiency. 


  • engage in face-to-face conversations with candidates earlier in the hiring process. 
  • remove the admin of scheduling interviews with time-zone restrictions, no-shows and unsuitable candidates. 
  • tailor interview questions to immediately increase the ability to assess candidate suitability. 
  • multilingual application and assessment.

virtual assessment centres.

We can design and coordinate bespoke virtual assessment centres suited to our client’s industry culture, values and role-specific competency framework. 


  • proven, best-practice methodologies suited to our customers industry culture, values and role-specific competency framework.
  • scalable and adaptable solutions that range from the end-to-end management of high volume projects through to smaller assignments requiring part services.
  • 30+ years industry expertise across the Government, Banking & Finance and core Commercial sectors.

automated references checking.

Our automated reference checking tools aim to improve employee participation by increasing job fit and reducing hiring risks. 

  •  reduced time spent chasing reference checks.
  • improved time to hire. 
  • automated fraud detection. 
  • alleviating subjectivity of verbal reference checks.