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These unprecedented times have forced many businesses face new challenges. Here at Randstad, our robust workforce and HR technology solutions may be able to help you solve your newfound problems and prepare for the new normal.

Below you will find some examples of the solutions that we can offer you. 


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our solutions.

  • interested in scalable technology to ensure business continuity?

    There is no doubt that technology has transformed the way we engage and hire talent. Our suite of scalable virtual solutions combined with proven assessment methodologies and industry expertise are built for the future of work, delivering you high-quality outcomes and business continuity in today’s challenging environment.

    We offer you access to an HR technology portfolio that includes virtual screening, sourcing, interviewing, assessment and workforce management solutions.

  • interested in workforce redeployment and internal mobility?

    Randstad RiseSmart Workforce Redeployment enables valuable employees to discover new opportunities within your organisation quickly, allowing you to retain the best and the brightest while creating a flexible and mobile workplace environment. Through our semantic matching technology, we pair the goals, skills, and experience of your current talent with relevant internal opportunities, taking the burden off your human resources teams and providing a seamless experience for your employees.

    You will benefit from:

    • Lower recruitment and hiring costs
    • Reduction in time and resources spent on onboarding
    • Lower severance costs during times of transformation
    • Reduced churn and increased engagement
    • Minimized burden on HR teams
  • interested in solutions that help me deal with increased absenteeism?

    Businesses worldwide are being faced with high levels of absenteeism. In Australia and New Zealand, we are seeing levels of absenteeism up to 40%. A key battleground emerging is how to ensure business continuity and productivity in the face of such challenges. 

    We are working with clients to build temporary workforces to embed with their permanent workforce that;

    • Measure the current baseline of absenteeism across sites 
    • Identify the key role profiles within the business based on volume/necessity
    • Build an initial temporary workforce to start on-site based on the above
    • Build talent pools to support predicted rise in absenteeism and scale up as necessary 
  • interested in efficiency improvements and cost-cutting initiatives?

    Our proprietary consultancy model is designed to help today’s human capital leaders define, implement and continuously evolve their talent strategy to meet changing business needs and market conditions – delivering measurable impact across the company.

    Benefits include;

    • Insights to build a strategic talent roadmap aligned to current & future business needs
    • Talent acquisition model benchmarked to best in market
    • improved technology roadmap & productivity
    • Business case recommendations for investments in employer branding, candidate experience and recruiting strategies.
  • interested in understanding and developing emerging skills of the future?

    When looking to the near-future world of work, our environment is rapidly changing, with technological advancements and global events necessitating a shift in the qualities we use to define talent. 

    With the COVID-19 pandemic as a poignant example, the importance of skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking and creativity in current and future talent has never been more relevant. Whether you are an individual contributor or a leader in your organisation, everyone is having to draw on these important future skills to navigate our changing work environments.

    Randstad’s Talent Assessment and Development specialists combine market leading psychometric assessments with our organisational psychology expertise to help you to understand the skills of the future, and how to develop them: 

    • Map the unique competencies required for success, now and for the future
    • Select psychometric assessments that are able to measure the skills of the future, from senior leadership roles to front line roles
    • Audit current talent to identify future leaders who have the potential to lead others through significant challenge and ambiguity
    • Assess the preferred work-styles of employees in readiness for redeployment
    • Identify skill-gaps to inform specific development initiatives
  • interested in market insights and forward planning?

    Randstad Global Talent Trends report surveys more than 800 human capital leaders and 1,700 working professionals across 17 countries.

    This year’s Talent Trends research outlines the top 10 talent acquisition trends for 2020 to shed light on the talent continuum and help you understand how to advance it in your business. Some of the key topics covered include:

    • Successfully linking D&I initiatives to business outcomes 
    • The importance of the "talent experience" - the game you'll need to win
    • Why companies with Agile workforces will prevail and 
    • How digital transformation is driving talent strategy