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Not only are we an experienced provider, but we are also self-insured and an employer ourselves.

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what sets us apart?

We can relate to and understand the impact of an injury and the effects a prolonged return to work can have on a business. We focus our services around supporting our clients across all areas including injury prevention and minimising risk in the initial phases, to early injury intervention when an injury occurs, supporting the return to work and claims process (ReturnToWorkSA). When an individual is unable to return to work with their employer we can assist in redeployment into new roles via vocational counselling and testing, through to placement within our recruitment business.

RTWSA services we provide

General Services Occupational Therapist & Physiotherapist specific servicesPsychological services
Return to Work Assessment servicesActivity of Daily Living AssessmentsVocational Assessments
Vocational Career CounselingIndependent Clinical AssessmentsIndependent Clinical Assessments
Suitable Employment Assessments
Worksite Assessments
Functional Capacity Evaluations
Pre Injury Employer Services (Lv1 & 2)
Fit for Work Services

psych/mental health.

Not only can our Occupation Health Services team assist you physically, Randstad in conjunction with Bakjac Consulting are here to assist employers and their employees mentally by conducting mental health pre-employment assessments, and promoting wellbeing and ‘Mental Toughness’ to encourage positive workplace behaviour and improved performance. 

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early intervention and injury management services

early intervention and injury management services.

Early Intervention programs along with an effective Injury Management strategy in the workplace are key factors in the reduction of workplace accidents. Implementation of such programs can also aide in a quick return to work for injured employees and can reduce the financial and skill cost to employers.

early intervention and injury management services

early intervention and injury management services.

The goal of Randstad’s Injury Management service is to deliver a prompt response and management of early warning signs and reports of injuries, accidents or incident, providing professional support to employees before they develop a chronic injury or illness, or take an extended absence from work. 

health and wellness.

A healthy workplace is a happy workplace! Contact us to see how we can inspire and encourage your employees to become accountable for their own health and wellbeing. The Randstad Occupation Health Services team can help your staff reach their full potential through exercise programs and with dietary advice – Interested? 

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manual handling training.

Manual Handling injuries result in more lost time than any other injury in the workplace! Think your business would benefit from Manual Handling Training? Do you and/or your employees need to brush up on their skills and knowledge when it comes to safe work practices? Contact us regarding our tailored manual handling courses

worksite assessments.

Need assistance to identify hazards and risk factors that may potentially harm you and your employees? Call or email us and let the team and Randstad help make your workplace a safe one.

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