the clipper stad amsterdam.

One of the grandest tall ships navigating the seas today, the Clipper Stad Amsterdam boasts impressive dimensions, measuring 76 meters in length and adorned with 31 sails spanning a vast total area of 2,200 square meters. Embracing the timeless elegance of an authentic square rig and a gracefully pointed bow, she proudly flies the Dutch flag as a registered passenger ship, exemplifying both tradition and sustainability.

Step aboard the upper deck and be transported to the majestic era of the nineteenth-century Clipper ship, where every detail resonates with historical authenticity. The meticulously preserved chart house, the intricate rigging, and the rich teak woodwork evoke a sense of stepping back in time, as if witnessing the maritime splendor of days long past.

Yet, amidst this nostalgic ambiance, the Clipper Stad Amsterdam seamlessly integrates modern comforts of the twenty-first century, ensuring passengers experience the perfect blend of heritage and luxury.

The Clipper Stad Amsterdam Story.

The Clipper Stad Amsterdam journey began in 1995 at SAIL Amsterdam when municipal councillors voyaged from the VOC-ship Amsterdam to the mayor's residence, igniting the idea to construct a new historic sailing ship as a symbol of Amsterdam's commercial spirit.

In the 1990s, building the ship offered opportunities for school leavers and the unemployed to gain valuable skills alongside master craftsmen, leading to future employment.

In 2000, the ship was launched with Rita Kok, wife of Prime Minister Wim Kok, christening it during SAIL Amsterdam 2000. Its unveiling marked a significant moment, garnering praise from both the press and the public. The Clipper Stad Amsterdam not only became Netherlands' own historic flagship, but also a testament to sustainability and a provider of hope through meaningful work opportunities.