Working from home is becoming increasingly common in a variety of industries and job roles. Recently, with the COVID-19 outbreak, working from home has become a reality and a necessity for most workers. 

Whether you’re starting your own business or working remotely for a company there is an abundance of work-from-home opportunities. Here are the top most popular job roles for working from home. 

here are a few jobs you can do whilst working from home:

  • online teacher/tutor
  • social media content created
  • freelance writer
  • childminder
  • graphic designer
  • videographer/ photographer/ animator
  • social media manager
  • customer service representative
  • data entry clerk
  • Online teacher/tutor.

There are many opportunities to teach online, whether for academia, music or personal development. Whether you sell pre-created content, host a seminar or even a video call with individual clients, there is a lot of flexibility around your needs. 

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social media content creator.

With the rise of the millennials and Gen Z, we are all fully aware of YouTube/Instagram famous celebrities and influencers. Though this job requires a certain set of skills and a good camera, many people earn a living by creating content for social media platforms

You can create content on various topics, from makeup and beauty hacks to reviewing the best new tech. There’s even a channel that only posts videos of fish living inside a fish tank. The work is your oyster, and once again, all achievable from home. 

freelance writer.

By becoming a freelance writer, you have total freedom to decide what you write about, including the topics, genres, companies and/or products.

As well as being commissioned for specific pieces, you may also be sent products or to restaurants/trips to review, another perk of the job. 


Depending on the hours you want to work, childminding can be a relatively flexible working from home option. Whether you want to offer all daycare, school holidays care, or just after-school clubs. You have to ensure you obtain the correct licences and checks. 

freelance graphic designer.

Many businesses (especially small businesses and start-ups) need graphic design work but have no need to hire a permanent/in-house designer. Working as a freelance designer means working at home (or anywhere around the world) and working on projects and topics you enjoy. 

videographer/photographer/ animator.

Similar to a graphic designer, some companies will require these skills. However, they have no need to employ them permanently. Building up a portfolio and a network of clients will ensure a steady flow of work. 

social media manager. 

As social media grows, many organisations need someone to manage their social media platforms. You will be responsible for creating a strategy and effectively executing it. This is a significant job role for those who want to work from home or even travel as they work. 

customer service representative.

There is an abundance of customer service roles that can work from home. As long as you already have excellent communication skills, you only need a phone, good internet, and a desktop or laptop. 

data entry clerk.

Data entry is a great option for many people, as you do not need previous experience or any specific qualifications to do the role.

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