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The only way to stand out from the crowd in the earliest stages of a job application is to present a cracking resume. Here’s how to do it, and the mistakes to avoid.

how do you catch the eye of a potential employer with your resume?

How do you stand out from the hundreds of job applicants by making the hiring manager take notice? It’s all about the detail, and thankfully it’s surprisingly simple.

Here’s our step-by-step guide to getting your resume right.

1) get the basics right

Don’t be so creative that the essentials are difficult to find. Ensure your name, address and phone number are clearly and prominently displayed at the top of the front page.

Then ensure you list:

  • Work experience, including paid and unpaid work
  • Education and training
  • Professional memberships
  • Hobbies and interests (but think carefully about what you reveal)
  • References

2) reveal your professional goals

Without getting too personal (and no, please don’t include a photograph), in one or two sentences outline your career aspirations, and explain how they relate to the role for which you’re applying.

customer service roles near you.
customer service roles near you.

3) you’re unique, so explain why

Explain why you are looking for work, what you are looking for in your next job and why you're qualified to apply for the role. In other words, sell yourself by outlining what it is that is unique about you.

For example:

“Having worked within the (sector) industry for (x) amount of years, I have extensive experience working as (job title). I am currently seeking a new challenge and an exciting work environment where I can utilise my skills (list your skills here), and knowledge (in the areas of x, y z) to drive (x,y,z business objectives).”

4) proofread, then proofread again

Never rely on spell-check. If spelling and grammar is not your strong point, ask a favour of someone who can become your trusted editor.

customer service roles near you.
customer service roles near you.

top 3 mistakes people make

These simple mistakes are made by a surprising number of job applicants, so don’t be one of them.

  • Offering the same resume for each job application: Tailor your resume to meet the skills required.
  • Sending a badly formatted resume: Poor formatting makes it hard for employers to work out if your experience is relevant and reflects badly on your attention to detail.
  • Providing a resume that contains questionable facts: Don’t lie. If you’re unable to back up your claims it will damage your chances of winning future roles.

A Randstad recruitment specialist can help you put your best foot forward in your job hunt, ensuring you secure a role that is right for you. 

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