With the number of job seekers outnumbering the roles advertised, searching for a job can be a drawn-out and challenging undertaking. If you want to stand out, preparation is key.

here are nine tips on how to prepare for your job hunt.

1. make your resume shine

First impressions last, and your resume is commonly your first interaction with a potential employer. Ensure your current resume concisely outlines your skills and significant career achievements.

Triple check for spelling or grammatical errors and be innovative in your presentation but not gimmicky.

Many people are now creating infographics and video resumes capturing an employer's attention. 

2. write targeted cover letters

Never send the same cover letter to everyone. Think about each role and the responsibilities and qualifications required to marry your skills and expertise.

Prove how your skills will help the organisation achieve their specific goals.

Here are some helpful tips on writing cover letters.

3. team up with a specialist recruitment consultant

Specialist consultants know the industry back-to-front and know more than 70% of job vacancies that are never advertised.

Here are five reasons to partner with a specialist recruitment consultant today.

Man smiling while sitting behind his desk, computer screens displaying programming code.
Man smiling while sitting behind his desk, computer screens displaying programming code.

4. be socially savvy

New research from Randstad's latest World of Work Report shows nearly a quarter of Australian employers use social media to screen job applicants.

Ensure your personal brand is reflected in a positive and professional manner on social media and your online profile is up to date.

5. network

Use professional networking sites such as LinkedIn to connect with like-minded individuals. Make the most of industry events to make a name for yourself and create valuable connections. 

6. research prospective companies

Often, businesses advertise openings on their own website, but not through other recruitment channels.

Never miss a job opportunity, follow companies you aspire to work for online and sign up for their newsletters and job alerts. 

Man walking outside holding his phone with earphones in.
Man walking outside holding his phone with earphones in.

7. upskill

Self-assess your current skills and consider what others you’ll need to land your ideal role. Attending a training course could be one of the best ways to invest your time and money.

8. get advice

Find a mentor to coach and guide your career path.

9. get testimonials

Ask your old manager, ex-colleague, past client or supplier to write you a recommendation or referral. Include this on your resume, as well as share it on LinkedIn.

10. if at first, you don’t succeed

Be persistent. It could take a week, a month or even years to find that perfect role. To get into a role sooner, make the most of all the resources available to you.

A Randstad recruitment specialist can assist you in your job hunt and connect you with a role that is right for you.

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