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IT used to be all about your technical experience, but now it’s crucial to show you can contribute and lead innovation across the business.

The technology space is constantly evolving, at a speed unlike ever before. Skills that are in demand one day are less desirable the next, replaced by the new technology trends (and consequential talent gaps) constantly on the horizon.

The good news is, right now the Australian IT recruitment market is in very good health. Sure, the in-demand roles are changing, along with the skills you need to secure those roles, but it’s nothing you can’t stay on top of, once you know how.

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The key areas driving demand are specifically related to anything digital – fields like DevOps, automation, artificial intelligence and cyber security are paramount, as well as anything around agile or integration. When it comes to Australia in particular, the majority of demand falls to roles such as project managers, business analysts, developers and architects as a job family, as well as security specialists and product owners.

It’s important to note, however, that just because a position is in high demand doesn’t mean it’s rewarded with the highest salary. Ultimately, it depends on an individual’s level of experience, but having good resources on your side can demand a premium so keep that front of mind when scanning the market for your next opportunity.

For example, robotics and automation is a fairly new field where people with relevant skill sets are particularly in demand – as a result, companies are working to identify key talent who can transition into that area.

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Anyone who can demonstrate a balanced experience in these fields will be well-positioned for their next career move. Once upon a time, it used to be all about your technical experience, but these days it’s crucial you can also show you have a good business understanding as well as an appreciation for the value IT has to deliver to the business.

So to stay at the forefront, get involved in at least one of those key areas and make sure your skill sets are in line with current trends.

From there you need to be able to articulate how you as an individual have added value to the business, not just in the technology space, but to the business as a whole.

Don’t be shy – explain your achievements to date and offer examples that emphasise both your functional and technical skill sets.

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Your recruiter is at the forefront of understanding the trends and demands that client organisations have coming up.

As a result, we’re able to guide and advise you on where the future opportunities will be and recommend key areas in which you may need to invest time to up-skill. Use our extensive knowledge to get ahead of the pack and, ultimately, stay on-trend.

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I'm proud to have been working for Randstad Technologies for over 10 years, with a focus on driving continuous and accelerated growth of the organisation across the Asia-Pacific Region. I consider coaching and mentoring leaders in the business as one of the most rewarding parts of my role.