If you're unhappy at work, it impacts all other aspects of your life. So, before accepting your next role, take the time to make sure that yours and your potential employer’s values and expectations align.

If it's not the right fit, there will be others out there.

While turning down a role is a tough call to make, it's one you'll thank yourself for later.

here are five good reasons to turn down a job.

A group of people talking in a meeting room
A group of people talking in a meeting room

it doesn’t satisfy your priorities

Before applying for any new position, make a list of your priorities. This might include increased salary, improved work/life balance or an organisation with a positive atmosphere and workplace culture. If the job doesn’t satisfy your number one priority and only ticks a few boxes, be cut-throat, it isn’t for you. 

it doesn’t align with your long-term career goals

If the role would mean a step backwards or sideways into an area you aren’t overly passionate about, you could be creating career road blocks for yourself. 

the employer doesn’t have a good reputation

Research any potential employer extensively before accepting a job. Review their website, google them for mentions in online news and on social and professional networking sites. Ask current or past employees about workplace conditions, and evaluate reviews and testimonials from clients and customers. If the employer’s reputation is questioned consistently, don’t accept their job offer.

it’s not the right culture

A pleasant working environment is one of the most important attributes Australians look for in an employer, according to Randstad's 2014 Randstad Award Employer Branding research. You need to trust your gut reaction – if you get a bad feeling about your potential boss or other key team members, it's not the right workplace for you.

don’t get blinded by the perks

Some employers offer a number of attractive perks to employees, such as free memberships or discounts. Look beyond the perks and delve deeper into the role, responsibilities, future career path and working conditions.

It’s no good accepting a role based on the perks, only to discover that what was sold to you during the interview process, is not, in fact, the reality of what you face.

A Randstad recruitment specialist can assist you in your job hunt and connect you with a role that's right for you.  

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