As you throw away the last of the party streamers (perhaps a little bleary-eyed from your NYE celebrations!), you’d be forgiven for casting a quick glance into the future at what the new year might bring - and for many of us, that includes the prospect of a new job or career path.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for something with higher pay, somewhere you can hone your newly found skills, or even a company-paid-for training plan, the possibilities for the jobseekers of 2014 are endless.

how to kickstart your job search in 2014?

To help you with your new job search, here are 14 resolutions you can make now to give your career the jumpstart it needs this new year:

1. improve your resume.

Your CV is usually the first chance you have to make an impression on your prospective new employer - make sure it is concise, well written and without spelling mistakes.

To learn more, read our article “How to write a winning resume”.

2. write better, targeted cover letters.

Instead of sending the rote cover letter with generalist wording, think about each individual role you apply for, and how the responsibilities and qualifications required to marry up to your own skills and expertise.

Here are some helpful tips on writing cover letters.

3. refine your “sales pitch”.

Think over your greatest achievements of last year - list them down and put them to memory. This will help you shine in interviews.

4. promote your personal brand via social media channels.

Don’t be naive - if your Facebook profile is open to the public, this includes recruiters as well as prospective employers.

Take some time to thoroughly go through all your social channels to ensure your personal brand is reflected in a positive and professional manner.

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5. partner with a specialised recruitment consultant.

Generalist recruiters deal with big volumes of general roles, whereas teaming up with a specialist recruitment consultant can give you insider knowledge into your chosen profession and often open up roles that are not necessarily being publicised on job boards.

Here are 5 reasons why you should partner with a specialist recruitment consultant today.

Woman working at her desktop
Woman working at her desktop

6. sign up for regular job alerts.

The best way to stay "in the know" for new job opportunities is to search for jobs in Australia online and then save these searches so that you are notified by email when new opportunities become available.

7. practice your interview skills.

Before your interview, take some time to review the job description and how the responsibilities of the role reflect your past experience. Being prepared will help you remain confident and secure your dream job.

8. polish your shoes/get that haircut.

First impressions matter! Regardless of your profession, make sure that when you turn up for your all-important first interview you have a tidy and organised appearance. Not only will this impress your interviewer, but it will also give you an extra confidence boost.

9. network.

Use professional networking sites like LinkedIn to connect with like-minded individuals in your industry. Take time to attend industry events and get your name out there.

10. research companies you would like to work for.

Often businesses like to advertise roles on their own websites before resorting to job boards like SEEK. Be the first to know about new opportunities by following these companies online, and signing up for their newsletters and job alerts. Keeping abreast of their company news will also help you impress in interviews.

Corporate work colleagues
Corporate work colleagues

11. upskill.

Conduct a self-assessment of your current skills and the skills you will require to land your dream role - if there are gaps in your ability, one of the best things you can do is to invest some time and money into attending a training course to bridge these gaps.

12. ask for advice.

Find a mentor (LinkedIn is a great place to do this!) who can help coach and guide you in your career path.

13. get testimonials.

Whether it is asking your old manager or ex-colleague to write you a recommendation, or even past clients or suppliers - referrals are one of the most powerful ways to show off your excellent track record of success to prospective employers.

14. persistence pays off!

Lastly, but most importantly, it's imperative that no matter how long your job search might feel, the best thing you can do is keep at it. Sometimes it makes take 1 week, 1 month or even a year to find the perfect role, but you’ll never know if you don’t keep trying to make it happen!

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