If you’re interested in an engineering career, one factor that you’ll be keen to know more about is the salary expectations for engineers. Both at your job start and as you progress up the ladder.

Engineering roles cover various jobs across various industries, with employees often being able to join the industry with minimal qualifications and undertake relevant on-the-job training to achieve career progression. As such, salary expectations for those prepared to undertake the appropriate qualifications and experience can be significant over time.

engineering salary expectations.

The median starting salary for an engineering graduate will likely be in the region of $65,000, depending on location and qualifications. With more experience, wages will rise to over $120,000, with senior engineers earning over $160,000. Higher salaries are available for those in senior management positions.

For those entering the industry higher up the scale, such as having undertaken a relevant degree or coming with some transferable experience from other sectors, starting salaries may be a little higher and progression to the next step a little faster.

Engineering trainees should expect to work a typical 9-5 days, but overtime may be required when projects require it. Engineers are likely to spend a fair amount of time on construction sites, working in all weathers across the year.

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best locations to increase your engineering salary.

Engineers are in demand across the country, as their skills are widely used in several industries. Employers in Sydney or Melbourne generally offer higher salaries, and roles are more likely to be found in capital cities.

contracts manager job description
contracts manager job description

ways to boost your engineering technician salary.

You will likely be in demand across various projects as an engineering technician. There are ways to maximise your chances of getting a raise and a promotion within engineering.

gain more qualifications.

Having begun as a trainee, the most obvious way to boost your career is to study for relevant engineering qualifications and become a qualified technician. Over time, engineers can choose to specialise in a specific area and take more relevant courses for that specialism, which will likely increase earning capacity.

These qualifications can be done in your spare time and demonstrate a commitment to your chosen career. You could also look into becoming a member of Engineers Australia and take advantage of a range of training options that will expand your skills in business and leadership.

undertake more stretching projects.

Asking for more responsible and challenging projects is another way to prove to your employer that you have the skills necessary to justify a pay rise or promotion. Approach your bosses ideally after the conclusion of a successful project and explain that you feel ready to take on a more complex task.


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