your time is precious, so don’t waste it during the employment search.

Here are our top tips for being a more efficient job hunter.

The excitement of finding a great job ad can quickly turn to dread when you realise how much work is required to apply.

Here's some advice on how to better target your time and streamline your approach to get you into a new role, faster.

    A man typing on his laptop while smiling
    A man typing on his laptop while smiling

    1. stop duplicating your work

    Create a few templates of your CV, targeting each one at specific types of businesses where you’d like to work. In each template, highlight your experience and education relevant to what they are likely looking for.

    Once these are built, just choose one for the specific application and perhaps make a few small, fine-tuning changes. Then customise your cover letter and email intro.

    2. focus on what you’re good at

    If you check the job requirements and you’re missing 50% of them, don’t apply. Focus only on the roles that suit your experience, skills and knowledge.

    Once you’re convinced you’re a good match for the role’s major requirements, check the list of nice-to-have skills. If you’re missing most of them, consider what else you might be able to introduce to the role that could surprise the hiring officer. Sell it in your resume.

    By avoiding applying for the jobs for which you’re not a good match, you’ll have plenty more time and energy to put into the roles for which you're a better fit. 

    A woman smiling widely while typing on her keyboard
    A woman smiling widely while typing on her keyboard

    3. create great email introductions

    First impressions matter, and in the job market the first impression is made by your email intro. With that in mind:

    • Find out the hiring officer’s name and use it. 
    • Respect the fact that they are busy and keep your intro short – below 100 words.
    • Jazz up the email’s subject line. Instead of the Office Manager application, consider an Outstanding Office Manager candidate.

    4. use technology wisely

    Finally, also consider how you might better use technology in your job hunt. 

    • Use your smartphone to search for jobs when you’re out and about. Only use platforms that are fully mobile responsive, rather than fiddling with a tiny website.
    • Keep a version of your CV saved to your smartphone so you can send it at a moment’s notice, perhaps on a cloud platform such as Dropbox.
    • Use the personal search feature on job search sites, such as the one on the Randstad website. That way the website does the searching for you and reports back regularly.

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