The customer support landscape has undergone a significant evolution in recent years, fostering new and innovative approaches to customer engagement and work practices. This evolution has been driven by advances in technology, increased focus on customer experience, and a desire to stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly competitive market.

The future of customer support is one of continued innovation and growth. As businesses seek to provide ever-better experiences for their customers, they will need to be nimble and adapt to new technologies, approaches, and ways of working. With the right balance of traditional and modern approaches, businesses can ensure they continue to meet the needs of their customers, now and in the future in-demand admin skills to have in 2023.

Good customer support personnel are more valued than ever as the quality of customer service is recognised as having a lasting impact on business. Moreover, as more customer interactions move online, the importance of human engagement is actually increasing.

In particular, rather than dealing with routine requests, customer contact personnel tend to be contacted by customers to deal with problem issues and complex transactions. This requires both superior knowledge of products and services and excellent empathy and communication skills to deal with customers who may be frustrated or stressed. People with customer engagement experience within industries like health care, banking, retail, and the government will be in especially high demand.


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