Customer support has been transformed, with the pandemic providing a catalyst for new ways of working and engaging.

Prior to COVID-19, the majority of customer service and support organisations worked from traditional call centres, with a few staff members working from home. That has now drastically changed, with many customer support workers working remotely at least some of the time.

Customer support workers have had to adapt to new hybrid remote and on-site working arrangements and transition contact centre tools to their home offices. Customer support personnel also need to be able to use collaboration tools like instant messaging to connect with colleagues in real-time to get input and advice.

Good customer support personnel are more valued than ever as the quality of customer service is recognised as having a lasting impact on business. Moreover, as more customer interactions move online, the importance of human engagement is actually increasing. In particular, rather than dealing with routine requests, customer contact personnel tend to be contacted by customers to deal with problem issues and complex transactions. This requires both superior knowledge of products and services and excellent empathy and communication skills to deal with customers who may be frustrated or stressed. People with customer engagement experience within industries like health care, banking, retail, and the government will be in especially high demand.


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