our award.

The winner is based on the outcome of the most comprehensive independent research into employer branding. Unlike other best employer awards, it is 'the people's choice', based on the views of a representative survey pool of general public respondents (aged 18-65) in each of the participating countries.

In Australia, the robust research program is based on the perceptions of over 10,000 members of the general public, designed to uncover how employers are perceived in the eyes of these job seekers and potential employees.

The winner of the award is selected from the 150 largest organisations in Australia, based on employee size. The specially developed survey is completely independent and the resulting data is collated into three kinds of reports focusing on companies, countries, and sectors. The companies are selected through national statistics agencies and the winners are selected solely based on the appeal of their employer brand. Such careful measures ensure that the survey remains completely objective.

what makes it unique?