Randstad has collaborated with Work Inspiration and The Smith Family for a career development program. Twenty senior high school students from Western Sydney attended the three-day event at the Randstad Sydney Office.

what is the work inspiration program? 

Work Inspiration is an adaptable model that connects young people and businesses and inspires young people to explore the world of work. The Work Inspiration program is built on three mandatory learning activities.

Work Inspiration is a business-led initiative that provides young people with opportunities to experience the world of work first-hand in a meaningful and inspiring way.

The program provides the students with three career engagement activities or ‘Insights’ that allow them to explore career journeys, connect with business and meet and talk to staff.

All About me

  • A conversation about the young person’s interests, aspirations and character traits. 

Look Behind the Scenes

Careers Happen

  • A conversation with an employee/employer about how their career journey has unfolded leads to reflection by students on their plans and hopes

the student experience  

The students gained insights into the job-seeking and career development process.

They participated in various activities, including:

  1. Virtual interviewing
  2. Personality quiz
  3. Office tours
  4. Career mapping
  5. Resume building and
  6. Setting up their LinkedIn profile.

Through these sessions, the students could reflect on themselves and develop their career ambitions for the future. Randstad’s Work Inspirations program upskilled the students with the tools they will need to progress in the workforce. 

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It was an awesome experience and I’m looking forward to getting a job

Umair Sheiks
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The learning experience was very interesting. It was fun to learn and meet all these new people. I learnt a lot about interviews and getting a job.

Junior Vili

shaping young futures 

At Randstad, we are investing in our next generation of workers – the young Australians of today. This year Randstad launched the shaping young futures program to help young Australians transition from education into employment. Using our recruitment expertise, Randstad consultants will work directly with these young jobseekers.

In Australia, over 250,000 young people are not engaged in education and are not employed. That’s a youth unemployment rate that is more than double the national average. 

Our staff are mentoring and coaching to combat the high youth unemployment rate, utilising the consultancy expertise of our employees. This is part of our shaping young futures initiative, where our staff will educate and help bridge the gap for Australian youth to transition into the workforce.

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