talent sourcing & retention strategies.

what we do.

We provide guidance and recommendations as to how an organisation can approach key people in the market, what messages and themes are likely to resonate with them, and ensure your recruitment process is setup to support this type of targeted recruitment/talent sourcing activity. We
build an understanding of what drives people to stay with businesses and partner with you to understand the key aspects that make your organisation a great place to work.

employer branding.

With comprehensive insights from our global research into employer branding, our experts can assist you in uncovering and leveraging your unique employer brand.

employer branding.

Our approach is different – we look first to understand any gaps between your organisation’s own understanding of your brand and how the broader market perceives you. Our consultants then help you build a roadmap to bridge that gap.

employer branding.

Bringing an independent
and experienced third party viewpoint, we challenge assumptions and uncover aspects of the employer/employee value exchange that may have previously been overlooked as a key driver of attraction and retention.

employer branding.

We can assist with a creative lens, or work with creative teams, to turn the concepts and themes into messaging and imagery for use in both print and digital media.

recruitment process redesign and review.

With the availability of new technology and media, recruitment processes need to evolve so they remain relevant and effective. Our consultants can work with you to design and implement innovative recruitment processes that will not only utilise leading technology, but also retain the human touch which is so important when looking to attract new talent.

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