our recruitment methodology

Randstad’s recruitment methodology is founded on our commitment to delivering a results-oriented, process driven, personalised service.

In addition to our thorough, best-practice approach to recruitment, Randstad goes one step further, and not only identifies candidates who are right for your position, but who are a perfect match. We do this through our experience in recruitment and HR, and by using the latest, psychology-based methods for determining who fits, based not only on job profile, but personality, aptitude and a range of other aspects.

With its team of highly trained and experienced registered psychologists, Randstad’s HR Consulting division works closely with the recruitment team to deliver cutting-edge assessment solutions that assist you in sourcing business leaders who will truly build your business.

Randstad’s HR Consulting division is able to offer the emotional intelligence assessment ‘The Emotional Capital Inventory (ECi™)’ as a tool for the development and measurement of effective leadership. We also partner with Saville Consulting in delivering the best scientifically validated range of psychometric assessment.

Employing a flexible and well-researched approach to the development of all assessments, Randstad provides tailored solutions to meet the unique requirements of all our clients.

Our assessment tools assist in selecting high performance individuals, assessing role and organisation fit and assisting with career development and succession planning for employees.

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