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Top 10 qualities of highly successful business leaders

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Top 10 qualities of highly successful business leaders

Innovative organisations rely on their ability to establish and nurture a talented leadership team - and yet, having highly effective leaders is still considered one of the biggest human capital challenges. In the upcoming Randstad World of Work report, over 45% of respondents beleive that the number one attribute of highly successful leaders is thier ability to motivate and inspire others.

There are key differences between business professionals who are simply managers vs. those who have the ability to lead. The below are 10 qualities displayed by highly successful (and admired!) leaders. Strong business leaders:

  1. Communicate clearly and effectively: Whether delivering motivational speeches, communicating bad news with empathy, or conducting one on one reviews, strong leaders have the ability to adapt their communication style for any audience, and are known for their clear, honest and concise message.
  2. Focus on the solution, not the problem: Great leaders approach business issues the same as they would a puzzle to solve – instead of seeing problems as obstacles, they brainstorm strategies to overcome the issue, and work towards enacting a swift and effective resolution.
  3. Lead with integrity: Deceptive behaviour does not inspire trust and the greatest leaders are those who encourage and instil honesty in business practices, lead by example and have respect for all individuals.
  4. Have vision: A great leader has the capacity to visualise the future, stimulate creativity and articulate that vision in order to inspire their people to share in the same goal. Employees who work together toward a common goal are more engaged and productive than those who don’t.
  5. Care about their people: Most people work to live, not live to work, and admired leaders take a genuine interest in their team - not just within working hours but also their hobbies, their families and their ambition in life.
  6. Recognise & cultivate talent: The best leaders are able to identify exceptional talent and not feel threatened by it! Successful leaders search for (and develop) the talented individuals who will eventually grow into the next generation of leaders for your business.
  7. Are not afraid to make the tough decisions: Resilient leaders act quickly and effectively by weighing up the best available information, assessing the situation and then taking decisive measures.
  8. Maintain an appearance of optimism: It’s easy to be positive when riding high during times of great productivity, but true leaders are able to communicate confidence and help keep their people positive even in the face of adversity.
  9. Provide clear pathways for promotion: Natural leaders instinctively understand the key motivator and strengths of their employees, and provide clear goals for their career progression.
  10. Treat individuals as their most valuable investment: Managers oversee their teams, and focus on completing projects – Leaders understand the importance of investing money and time into each team member, developing and fostering their individual skillsets and ambitions, and creating opportunities where they can shine.

High performing teams are built around leaders who display these exceptional personal characteristics and use them to inspire, motivate and build their business into a successful organisation. What do you think is the most important quality of a leader?

Posted: Thursday, 2 August 2012 2:13:00 PM
Filed under: Leadership Thought Pieces
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